Your Dedicated Product Manager

Your team is always busy of the product and it’s the time to have someone in the product team with a view from outside trying to improve the product. We help you find the overall status of your product in the market, design new solutions for the customers, improve the current product and help your product team rock. 

We’ll definitely enjoy working with you because we love challenges!

What We Do


The first thing we do is analysing the current state of your products.


We need to do a market research and learn more about the problems.


Knowing the problems well, it's time to design the best solution.


It's now the time to sit with developers and start product development.

Your Product Consultant
Boost your Success

We don’t offer short term services because we KNOW that product development is a long term process and needs focus, dedication and engagement with customers.

For Startups

As a startup owner your headache is providing a great solution for the problem you have found. Being busy of managing team, business relations, satisfying stakeholders, negotiating with investors, etc. might put less time for you to focus on the product which your business is all about.

We help you focus on the product and grow product managers inside your team.

For Small Businesses

Many local businesses have changed their mindset and slowly migrated to online space. If you are one of them without any experience in online space our solutions and experience will help you refine and optimize your product for the real customers so that you can increase what you expect from the online business.

We help you design, develop and grow a product specifically for the online space.

Shape Your Product Team

You might have the resources for product design and development. There is a problem. You can’t use your resources efficiently. They don’t have enough tasks to handle. They do changes in the product and you cant resist. You change your opinions on the product every often and that hurts the development team. You can’t have a timeline for the product releases. Your team doesn’t meet your deadlines. It’s all because you don’t have a product team.

We help you shape your product team and forget all the hassles!


What is the first step?

The first step is to get to know you, your business and the product or products you have in the market. Knowing the product means listening to you stories and analytics in the first place.

How long does the consultancy takes?

We believe that offering consultancy on products means keeping in touch with the product for a long time. We’d like to have long term relationship with you and the product but it is also possible to hire our product managers for a short period of time or a specific subject of your product.

Which areas of our product do you work on?

We work on every aspect of the product from design, user experience, user journey design and mapping, product analytics to customer interview, ROI analysis, etc.

do you do technical development?

We are a product consultancy firm and do not do any technical development but we can introduce technical teams to help you with your development.

what are your requirements?

We need to have an access to every data that can give us insight about the users and product in order to help you with the improvement.

do you help with our product roadmap?

One of the most important of product management is defining the roadmap and we are here to help you with that.

Our Product Team

Amin has been an active participant in the community of product managers and has several years of experience managing products in different industries with different products and company sizes. Working on both type of end-customer products and enterprise products have given him a vast and realistic view on product management activities.
Ramin is a startup lover, he has worked as a full stack web developer, a product manager and a founder in 4 different startups. He believes we all have social responsibilities, so we must teach what we have learnt to other people. He has decided to dedicate 20% of his time to teaching what he has learnt as a product manager.
Amir has several years of experience in various fields. He was the managing editor and consultant in a Tech magazine. He also has some experience in marketing along with his Carpooling startup. Amir is the product manager of Takhfifan and gives consultancy to a movement startup called Nobaar. Working with end-customers and operation-based products have given him a vast and realistic view on knowing different type of customers.

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